Connect is an early intervention model for suicide prevention which aims to connect the community and improve social and emotional wellbeing. It aims to build a safety net to community members experiencing difficulties and/or crisis.

People can access Lifeline Counsellor/s without the need for a referral, without a mental health diagnosis and without needing to meet specific criteria.

Connect provides:

  • Access to a volunteer-based community centre for people struggling with social and emotional well-being.

  • One point of contact for people seeking help.

  • Quality volunteer and community training in suicide prevention, crisis support and well-being.

  • A venue which fosters a positive and supportive environment, promoting social inclusion and community participation.

  • A pool of trained volunteers who wish to connect and support socially isolated members of their community.

  • A contact point between trained volunteers and anybody in the community who may want to “have a chat” or who may need a referral to other services.