What you do 

  • Nominate a round.

  • Receive a social media / graphics kit for your use, posters to promote the round, and suggested script for acknowledging the significance of the initiative.

  • Book a day for a FREE Accidental Counselling workshop for coaches and appropriate club members.

  • Wear black armbands on the day to acknowledge Australians lost to suicide.

  • Before the game coordinate a mixed team line up with players 13, 11 &14, displaying their back guernsey numbers to the spectators.

  • Acknowledge the initiative to spectators, use the suggested script, or let them know what it means to your league, or a bit of both!

  • Observe a minute’s silence in remembrance of those lost to suicide and in acknowledgement of mental health wellness.

It is not a requirement or expectation for you to fundraise on behalf of Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast. If you do, we are very grateful!
If you wish to do more to promote your club’s commitment to suicide awareness and mental health awareness that is welcomed and encouraged.

Accidental Counselling Workshop

The 4-hour Accidental Counselling Training provides you with necessary skills and tools to be able to step into the shoes of an accidental counsellor momentarily.

It teaches participants to respond appropriately, efficiently and effectively to people in crisis or distress when there may not be a professional immediately available.

Developed using adult-centred learning principles, strengths-based approaches and unconditional positive regard, active listening and activities that aim to facilitate effective learning outcomes.

This is a certified workshop that has been tailored to address sports specific environments and is delivered by a nationally accredited trainer. 

This valuable workshop will be delivered for FREE for clubs taking part in this initiative.

Who is eligible?

Persons over the age of 16 are eligible to attend.
No more than 20 persons per workshop.