The key focus of any sports club over the years has been the on-field performance management of players to maximize their chances to reach the ultimate goal of winning a Grand Final. There’s an ever-increasing appetite from clubs to explore the link between mental health and performance outcomes. This project looks empowers sporting clubs to play a role in supporting players mental health and well being and maximize player performance through a partnership with Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast. It is not a requirement or expectation for you to fund raise on behalf of Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast. If you do, we are very grateful!

How’s Ya Mate is a mental health and well-being project aimed to reduce the risk of suicide by:

Raising awareness, increasing ones understanding of mental health, and enabling people to ‘recognize respond and refer’ through education and training.

Building capacity within the club to address mental health issues and improve the state of players well being so they can manage and maximize on-field performance.

Creating a culture where players and officials feel safe to have open conversations and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Over 8 people die by suicide
every day

Men represent 3/4 of suicide
deaths in Australia

Suicide is the most common
cause of death for Australians
aged 15 to 44

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