About Us

Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast is a Non-Profit, Non-Government Organisation servicing Broken Hill and approximately 70% of South Australia. Our organisation is committed to an Australia free of suicide, delivering suicide prevention programs, training and awareness.

As an organisation Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast manage several retail shops and deliver Domestic Violence (DV-Alert) training nationally along with other programs. We have over 35 staff and over 350 volunteers greatly committed to the core business of suicide prevention.

Along with a distribution warehouse in Port Pirie, Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast operate and manage retail shops in Broken Hill, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Whyalla, Clare, Gawler and Wallaroo. As an organisation, Lifeline relies heavily on the retail arm of the organisation to cover operational costs and our commitment to delivering free services to the local community.

Lifeline aspires to be a leader in providing opportunities for people to benefit from and contribute to quality services in local communities across Australia. These opportunities link people with counselling, personal support, self-care resources, information about community services and training.

We respect everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for.

Therefore we:

Embrace diversity, working with and for people from all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.

Show compassion through respectful relationships that give competent care.

Invite trust through active listening that seeks understanding.

Instil hope by nurturing growth through the pain and possibilities in crisis.

Inform choices that increase safety, enhance wellness and sustain living.

Empower people by enabling their ability to care for themselves and others.

Build communities that show fairness, enhance resilience and promote belonging.